Advising & Support

SSU Advising Center

Program Advising 

Program advisors provide advising to prospective students regarding program issues and questions. These may include questions such as:

What’s a regular course load like? What’s student teaching like? How does a part time student proceed through the program? What are typical courses like? What if I want to take prerequisites at another institution? For a comprehensive list of School of Education program advisors and their contact information. 

Contact : Dr. Susan Victor 

Major/Subject Advising 

Subject matter program advisors provide assistance to applicants who are seeking an evaluation of transcripts to determine if they qualify for subject matter competency (waivers) or who are seeking advice on how to prepare for the CSET exams. For a comprehensive list of Subject Matter program advisors and their contact information. 

Major Advisor Phone & Email 
Art, Kinesiology & All majors interested in Single Subject  Edward Lyon
English Megan McInytre 
(707) 664-2962  
Jennifer Johnson
Theresa Burruel Stone
Math & Foundational Level Math Ben Ford
Martha Byrne
Music Kim Mieder
Natural Sciences; Biology, Chemistry, Geology & Physics   Edward Lyon
Social Sciences Steve Estes
707- 664 2424
World Languages Robert Train
707- 664 2014