Maytte Bustillos


Maytte Bustillos
Maytte Bustillos

Office Hours

I am enthusiastic about learning and being part of a community of learners. I enjoy my life with what is most important to me: my daughter, friends, and family. I am proud of my Cuban roots and work hard to stay connected to who my family has raised me to be: kind, hard-working, a person of faith, and never forget to have FUN! 

  • M A, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Preliminary Administrative Services Credential  
  • California Reading Certificate 
  • BCLAD Teaching Credential, Spanish emphasis
Academic Interests

I am fascinated by culture, identity, and language studies.

  • School of Education: Literacy Studies and Elementary Education
  • Reading for children 
  • Social Justice 

I have over 20 years experience in public school education working with students from diverse backgrounds from grades Kindergarten through junior high. My most recent work includes working with adults in school districts to increase their professional development in a variety of areas and working with the students as they pursue their teaching credentials.