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As a lecturer at SSU, I aim to cultivate dynamic learning environments that center on critical thought and deliberation. I serve as lecturer in both Curriculum Studies and Secondary Education (CSSE) in the School of Education and the Department of Chicano and Latino Studies. Alongside teaching an array of courses, I also serve as edTPA coordinator for the secondary single-subject program in CSSE. My research interests focus on the history of education - with an emphasis on race-based policies, the academic pipeline for Latinx students, civic engagement, and democratic theory. Prior to teaching at the university level, I taught high school history and English language development.

  • Ph.D. Candidate (currently A.B.D.), University of Colorado at Boulder
  • M.A. in History: Modern United States History (With Distinction), University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Teaching Licenses (Colorado and Wisconsin), Edgewood College: (a) Secondary social studies (b)(k-12) English Language Development –formally titled ESL; also highly qualified in secondary English 
  • B.A. in History: United States History, minor in Latin American Studies, Western Washington University
Academic Interests
  • Foundations of Education
  • Educational Policy and Practice
  • History of Education
  • Multiculturalism, Race, and Ethnicity 
  • Critical Pedagogy 

School of Education 

  • EDEC 160A/B  Social Justice in Childhood and Adolescence 
  • EDUC 417         School and Society
  • EDSS 442         Teaching and Learning for Equity and Agency
  • EDSS 443B      Creating Effective Learning Communities: Seminar
  • EDSS 458         Student Teaching in Multicultural Settings
  • EDSS 459         Seminar for Secondary Student Teacher
  • EDUC 570        The Reflective Educator
  • EDUC 585        Curriculum Development: Theory, Practice, and Evaluation

Chicano and Latino Studies

  • CALS 219          The Latinx and Chicanx Experience
  • CALS 456         Sociology of Education/Latinos and Education
  • Lecturer, Curriculum Studies and Secondary Education, Sonoma State University
  • Lecturer, Chicano and Latino Studies, Sonoma State University
  • Research Associate, Colorado Education Initiative
  • Instructor, University of Colorado at Boulder and University of Colorado at Denver
  • Social Studies and ELD Teacher, Jefferson County School District in Colorado
Selected Publications & Presentations
  • Suarez, M. (2017). Book Review: History of Education Quarterly Aztlan Arizona: Mexican American Educational Empowerment, 1968-1978.
  • Suarez, M. & Dominguez, M. (2015). “Carrying that Weight”: ESL Teacher Negotiations Toward Advocacy & Equity. Radical Pedagogy.
  • Suarez, M. (2015). Book Review: “Comfortable Inaction, In Action” Education’s Histories Education’s Desegregating Chicago’s Public Schools: Policy Implementation, Politics, and Protest, 1965-1985.
  • Suarez, M. (2015) Article Review: “We are All Historical Actors” Youth Historians in Harlem Education’s Histories.