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Sharon Janulaw
Sharon Janulaw

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I always wanted to be a teacher.  I started baby-sitting when I was twelve years old and I became aware of my ability to calm babies and toddlers down.  My strategy was to hold the child, walk around the room and hum softly.  Sometimes it took thirty minutes but the baby/toddler would go to sleep and stay asleep.

I am very concerned about the lack of science teaching in elementary classrooms.  My goal in the science class I co-teach is to have students in the credential program realize that teaching science in an elementary classroom is necessary and that hands-on science activities should make students wonder, think and draw conclusions based on evidence.  Engaging students with hands-on science activities will promote observation, thinking and drawing conclusions based on evidence.  Providing activities and strategies that encourage and expect students to think will help them become adults who look for evidence and draw logical conclusions in their daily lives.


Teaching credential

Trained by the Gesell Institute of Human Development.  The training prepared me to lead Workshops for elementary teachers.  The workshops helped elementary teachers become aware of and familiar with the ages and stages of four-year-old through ten-year-old children.  When teachers have knowledge of ages and typical actions of young children, they are better prepared to work with students rather than alienating students.

Academic Interests

Sharing with students in the credential program that it is important to decide to take their first two, three or five years to gradually develop their teaching style, their ability to work with students who need extra help, their classroom rule(s) and their ability to work with and help parents understand  what is normative at the grade level you are teaching.

  • Teaching Science in the Elementary School
  • Explorations in Teaching (Hutchins)
  • Supervision of Student Teachers for many years at SSU
  • Teaching Kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade and science to fourth grade and fifth grade students
  • About 30 years teaching and supervising student teachers at SSU
  • Director of the North Bay Science Project at SSU
  • Science Specialist at Sonoma County Office of Education for 10 years
  • President of California Science Teachers association (6 year term)
  • Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching in 1993